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We are excited to be welcoming so many new friends, and happy to welcome back some of our old friends returning from the covid season. We modified some of our procedures during Covid, but with the growing number of preschoolers and kids, it is very important that we return to our strict guidelines to provide a safe and secure environment for our children’s ministry.


  1. ALL children must be checked-in each Sunday and Wednesday

  2. Children MUST be checked in by a secure guardian. Please do not allow kids to check themselves in, we need the parents to do this and to instruct their children on this request.

  3. Parents or secure guardian MUST present guardian receipt at the time of pick-up. We recommend that parents also wear their guardian receipt on their shoulder just as the kids do.

  4. Preschoolers and Kids are not allowed to be picked up by older siblings under the age of 18.  

  5. Due to limited hallway space we ask for only parents dropping off little ones, inside the preschool area.

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