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Do you have any funny stories you'd like to share about growing upWho has influenced you the most in ministry?When When I was about 8 or 9 years old, my sister, a friend and I were playing by locking each other in the trunk. We would take turns getting in the trunk and then after we locked one another in, we would throw the keys in their air a few times and then let the person out. What could go wrong?! Well, of course, when it was my turn to be in the trunk, my sister, who was about 6, threw the keys on top of the house! My dad had to come home and climb on top of the house to get me out of that trunk! The fortunate blessing was my dad's body shop was next door to our house. He wasn't very happy about our game. 

Can you share any stories about being in the ministry?

I have served in some type of ministry teaching, youth, etc. since 1986. A pivotal moment for me was the first time I led someone else to the Lord. I was serving as a youth director my Senior year of college in a small rural church. I had been there about 6 months and had seen not one salvation. We had just returned from a youth retreat on Sunday morning and that evening several youth went forward. Immediately after the service (when we usually met for youth teaching), one of the youth men left and began walking home, visibly upset. I went after him and he broke down crying and said he wanted to accept Christ as his Savior, but was convinced that he had missed the opportunity. I assured him that he had not and we could take care of it right there in that field we were standing in. At that moment, I realized I really didn't know what to do. We walked back to the church and I got someone else to pray with him. I vowed to never let that happen again and I would always be prepared to pray with anyone, anywhere. The really cool part is that I was recently privileged to hear that young man preach at Jackson Way Baptist in Huntsville!

What is one thing about you that would surprise most people?

That I love to dance!

If you could be a superhero or tv character, who would you be and why?

I would be the Energizer bunny so I could keep going and going and going!!


What's your favorite food?

Anything chocolate!

Betsye Spencer                          256.828.4835 ext 221

Ministry Assistant

Women's Ministry Director 

Tell us more about your family...

My husband Michael and I have two children, Aaron and Elizabeth, and a daughter-in-love, Hannah and 2 beautiful grand-sons, John and Elisha. My husband and I try to do something fun every year around our anniversary-- just us. In 2015, we had the opportunity to take a road trip (also for his work) to El Paso, Texas. We decided to extend it, traveling to New Mexico, then visiting his brothers in Presidio, Texas near Big Bend State Park. We decided to come home the long way through San Antonio, Texas and ended up spending 7 uninterrupted days together. We had such a wonderful time just travelling and deciding day by day what we would do. It was the best vacation we have ever had together!

Do you have a story about your kids you'd like to share?

Absolutely! When Elizabeth was about 3 years old, we were standing around after worship at the small church we were attending. Suddenly we hear someone singing "Jesus Loves Me" so we turned and clapped for her. Sadly, she stopped and didn't sing again for several years. She would attempt through the years to get up and sing, but then sit down crying. She was so full of stage fright. The reason this is so funny now is because she leads worship with our youth praise band and is not afraid to get in front of people to sing or speak anymore!

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