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Steve Farrow                              256.828.4835 ext 236

Administrator & Education Minister  

Tell us more about your family...

My wife, Alice and I met in 10th grade at Buckhorn High School and dated for 5 years before we married. We married with only the first month rent paid and $20. Neither of us had jobs... I was a full time student with a year and a half of college left to obtain my teaching degree. We ate boiled potatoes and fried bologna for almost 3 weeks before Alice received a paycheck. I don't care for fried bologna to this day and it has been over 40 years ago! We have 4 daughters, Stephenie, Samantha, Amanda, and Laura Beth; 6 grandchildren, Abby, Anna, Finn, Eli, Stevey, and Bo.

Tell us another funny family story!

When our last grandchild Bo was born, we were at the hospital in the waiting just outside the delivery room. His mother Samantha was having a caesarian and we knew would see the baby within a short time, but we waited and waited and waited for over and hour until I looked at my Facebook and saw multiple pictures of the baby and almost 100 comments! We were 20 steps away and planned to be the first to know, but the whole world knew before we did, thanks to technology and an impatient daddy!

Did you attend BBC before becoming a staff member?

Yes, my family and I have attended BBC since August 1992, then I became a staff member in October 2005. The skills that I learned with people, money, and management with 27 years in the appliance business have been invaluable. It has been a good move for me because I have grown in Christ and I get the opportunity now to help others grow in the Lord too.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

Teaching, caring for others, and mission trips to prisons.

What's a funny story from being in ministry?

I attended a foot washing service outside with a group of people at a natural spring. The night before, I had allowed my youngest daughter paint my big toenail bright red on one foot. Needless to say, I had forgotten that she painted it when I removed my shoes and socks during a very reverent moment of the service. oops.

What is something about you that people would find surprising?

That I used to be very shy.

What was your first job?

Mowing grass in New Market in 7th grade with my brother. I didn't like it, but I wanted the money and my dad wanted us to learn responsibility... After mowing a lot of yards, each of us bought a calf with our grass money and turned a bigger profit!

What are some of your favorite things?

They have changed over the years... I traded fishing, hunting and ATV'ing for movies and eating out with good friends! I also love bbq ribs, tea and choclate covered peanuts.. 


What are two interesting things about you?

Well, it's interesting that I actually completed this bio.. and in 2007, my brother and I stood side by side at he top of the Grand Canyon and.......well, you know what we did.... the same thing we used to do in the creek as kids!

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