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At Bethlehem, we believe spiritual growth is important. For that reason, we challenge every person to do life together with other believers in a Life Group. A Life Group is an environment of biblical community where you can meet Jesus in a group and are welcome and accepted (BELONG), where you can know Jesus and His people (BELIEVE), and where you can follow Jesus as you become who God designed you to be (BECOME). Our groups are encouraged to study the Bible weekly, hang out together monthly, and serve together quarterly. Groups meet in various locations all around our campus, in homes, and all throughout the week. Join a group today!

Adult Life GROUPS

Sundays at 9:30am

 CO-ED, led by jimmy & brenda baeder, RM 1m-1 (STUDENT CAFE)

CO-ED, led by sean tully,  RM1M-6 student worship ctr

Sundays at 10:45am

Co-ED, led by david green, RM 1L-1

Co-Ed, led by daryl & darlene weir, Rm 1L-8

Co-ED, led by keith davis, RM 1L-10

 Co-ED, led by steve farrow, RM 1M-1 (solid rock café)

Co-ED (Group Links), led by phillip eady, RM 2M-5

 CO-ED, led by barry & myra landman, RM P1-1

 Co-ED (bible 101), led by raymond ballard, RM 2M-1  (library)

Co-ED , led by jeff simmons & gary neeley, RM 2M-2  (war room)

MEN, led by pete mcgaha, M 1M-3

 WOMEN (bible study-line upon line), led by beth wells, RM P1-4

Married Couples (Young), led by drew hendrix, RM 1L-3

Married Couples, Led by the Dunnivans and widners, RM 2M-5

  COLLEGE & YOUNG ADULTS, led by cameron & rachel norton, RM P2-1

Sundays 5-7pm

 Co-ed, led by troy heard, home of michael & betsye spencer  (contact troy @ 931.638.3430)

Co-ed, led by Kevin & Missy Edmiston, Home of the Edmistons (Contact Missy@256.652.9161)

Tuesdays 6-7:30pm

MEN, led by Jason Widner, RM 1M-1 (solid rock café)


Wednesdays 6:30PM

 PRAISE TEAM/BAND, led by brother jimmy, RM 2M-5 (main worship ctr)

 WOMEN, led by gena williams, RM P1-1

COED (Parenting)), led by Phillip Eady, RM P2-1

 COED, led by keith & amanda hearn, RM1L-1

 MEN, led by scott cantrell, RM 2M-1 (library)

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kidzlife with splash.png

Sundays at 9:30am


B2minis-Family Life Center

Bed babies—room 1

18 months - 3’s—room 3

4’s & 5’s—room 6


B2kidz-Family Life Center

1st-3rd grade worship—RM3U-11

4th-6th grade—RM3U-11 (Kidz Worship Rm)


Sundays at 10:45am


B2minis-Family Life Center

Bed babies—room 1

18 months - 3’sroom 3

4’s & 5’s—room 6


B2kidz-Family Life Center

1st-2nd grade girls—RM3m-16

1st-2nd grade boys—RM3m-14

3rd-4th grade boys & girls—RM3U-10

5th-6th grade girls—RM3m-15

5th-6th grade boys—RM3U-5


Wednesdays 6:30PM

activities available for b2minis and b2kidz

in the family life center!

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Sundays at 10:45am

7th-9th Grade, led by alex & jessica man RM1L-9

10th-12th Grade, led by david & morgan Anderson RM1L-2


Wednesdays 6:30PM

activities available in the student center!


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