God took me to the wood shed' showed up to see this guy that they had hung out with try to preach. That Sunday morning, the altar filled with those friends that had came to see me, but they actually met God that day. One in particular asked Christ to save him that day. He was my best friend... he came to see me, but he met God!


What do you enjoy most about children's ministry?

I love Children's Church. Watching those kids worship, learn the Bible stories, and how to apply them to life, is an absolute blessing!

What was your first job?

My first real job was bagging groceries at BI-LO in Fayetteville. I don't know that I liked it or hated it, but my dad said if I wanted a vehicle I had to pay for it myself, which meant I had to get a job.

What are your hobbies?

Hunting - I've hunted off an on all my life, but passionately for about 3 years. It allows me to sit by myself, think and pray without any disturbance in the moments before the sun comes up. And, I also love to hear the BOOM!! :)

Gardening - It's become a hobby over the last 3 years. Gardening is the hobby that keeps me out of the house and busy during the spring, summer, and fall months. It allows me to stay active and grow fruits and veggies that haven't been sprayed with pesticides.

If you could be a superhero or tv character, who would you be and why?

I would like to be like "Flash" so I can get from point A to point B quickly! I would have so much more time during the day to do other things!


What are some of your favorite things?

"Men of Honor", "NCIS", Grilled Cheeseburgers, Sprite, Hershey Bars, my kids and wife!

Jason Widner                              256.828.4835 ext 231

Interim Children's Minister 

Tell us more about your family...

My wife, Crystal, and I married in October 2000. We met at a clothing store she worked at in Fayetteville, TN.. we dated 'in all' about 1.5 years... (Yeah, she left me for a time, but quickly found out that there was no one out there better than what she left, so she came groveling back.. ha!) We live in Fayetteville (where we both grew up) and have 5 children: Cara, Gavin, 

Cooper, Grayson, and Callie.

Can you share a sweet story about your family?

Absolutely, with this many kids, we have a lot! Several years ago when we only had Cara and Gavin, he was still a baby and had been sick and I remember coming to the bedroom only to stop in my tracks as I saw Cara on her knees in the middle of the bed with her hands on Gavin praying for him. It made me realize how much she loved her little brother and knew that God could heal him.

How long have you been in ministry and how did you start?

I've been in the ministry since 1999 because in August 1998, my Pastor at the time, Brother Charles Richards, asked me to preach at a Youth Sunday event at our church. Some of the guys that I had hung out with 'before


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